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Competition winner to see design go into space

Imagine being in space, travelling so fast that you circle Planet Earth 15 times a day! Visualise what you could see, what you could do, just like our Faraday-1 spacecraft which will blast off into space this year atop an Electron Rocket.

This is what inspired lots of entries to our competition to design a mission patch for our Faraday-1 spacecraft, which is launching in July 2020. Entrants could make their designs any shape or size, and they could be painted, drawn, sewn, a collage or designed on a computer… anything that would fire up the imagination and creative skills.

A colour image of a patch design for the Faraday Missions Design contest - In-Space Missions

Our competition was open to all ages from anywhere around the globe

Whether you are an artist, scientist or inventor? And if you like engineering, crafts and being creative, the Faraday-1 space mission patch design competition was open to all ages.

The four entry categories were: Under 4’s, primary school students, secondary school students and over 18’s.

Useful Documents

Listed below is all the information you will need to enter the Faraday-1 Mission Patch Competition plus an Activity Plan for teachers and guardians.

How to Enter

If you like Space, Science, Technology, Art, Engineering or simply getting creative then this is the competition for you!

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Competition Flyer

In August 2019, the Xbox-sized Faraday-1 satellite will be rocketed into space. Then from 500 km above our planet, orbiting 15 times a day, the 7 experiments (or “payloads”) on-board will try out new technologies and services in space and to make different discoveries.

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Activity Plan (for Teachers & Guardians)

There are a range of topics that can be studied around this competition which can be done individually or in groups.

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Faraday Explained by Ella Yr 10

Faraday-1 is a small satellite that will be sent up 500km (higher than the International Space Station!) above our planet in August 2019.

Download Ella's Explanation

Understanding Faraday by Ella Yr 10

The Faraday missions use cubesat (a type of mini satellite for space research) technology to launch a range of different payloads from different customers on one satellite.

Download Understanding Faraday


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A colour image of the Faraday logo in white set against a bright blue background- In-Space Missions
Competition Videos

Dr Susan Jason tells us who can enter the Faraday-1 Space Mission Patch competition

This competition is open to ages 0 to 108!
A colour image of Faraday-1 during the quasi static sine dwell test
Competition Videos

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